5 Best Himalayan Blogs of 2015

Looking back at 2015, we published a fair share of Himalayan blogs. They were well received. Now as we say farewell to the passing year, we want to recap our five most well received Himalayan Blogs of 2015.

#1. Five Alternatives to Diamox for dealing with AMS


Diamox of late has become the preferred choice among trekkers. Many Trek Organizers insist their trekkers take a dose of Diamox before they come for the trek. This is a worrying trend.

We share 5 alternatives to Diamox in dealing with Acute Mountain Sickness. We hope after reading this article, you would not have to take Diamox ever.

Read the complete blog here.

#2. Everything you want to know about Dayara Bughyal Trek but afraid to ask

45 day 2

Winter is the season for doing Snow Treks. As Christmas and the New Year closes by, we want to share the best winter treks with you.

Dayara Bughyal is one of our favourite winter trek destination. We share with you everything to know about this trek. Find this visual trek guide to help you plan this trek this winter.

Read the complete blog here

#3. Three most anticipated Himalayan Documentary Films of 2015


This year’s prestigious Banff Mountain and Sundance Film Festivals showcased some of the most intense Mountain Documentary Films to be seen. Few of the movies stood out capturing the spirit of climbing in the Himalayas.

We list three most well-received Himalayan Documentary Films of 2015 and why you should not miss them. They are our most anticipated Himalayan Films as we wait for its release for Asian audiences.

Read the complete blog here

#4. Three most inspiring cleaning initiatives on the Himalayan trails of 2015


Swachh Bharat initiative is as relevant for the Himalayan trails as it is for the rest of India. With a record number of people trekking, the waste management is the biggest mountain problem. But then again, mountains don’t create problems, people do.

We share with you 3 most inspiring initiatives of this season. We hope these success stories would inspire people to help the cause.

Read the complete blog here

#5. Six ways to avoid foot blisters on a Himalayan Trek

foot blisters lead pic

Trekking in the Himalayas does not come easy. The perils of foot soreness that comes with it are well known to trekkers. Still I keep hearing from trekkers complain about foot blisters. The sheer neglect (and ignorance) give way to a very painful and unpleasant experience.

Trekking with a blister is not a joke. You got to play footsie with an unforgiving trail with tact.

Know more about how to avoid foot blisters by clicking here




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    1. Wonderful!! Recently i read some articles about Himalayas in the online magazine “Talismanian”. Those were so amazing articles that i was very eager to go there. Talismanian is an online magazine exclusively publishes articles about Travel, Health, Film, Fashion, Finance & Tech. and Law and Society. If you are interested please find the link below:


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