5 most promising Indian Climbers to look out for at IFSC Climbing World Cup 2016


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For the first time in India’s sports history, the World Cup in Bouldering is to be hosted in India in May 2016. Hosting a World Cup in India is a huge deal. This is set to put India and its budding climbing athletes at the forefront of international sports.

Leading the Indian charge is a long list of talented boulderers. We share 5 of the most promising Indian Climbers to look out for at IFSC Climbing World Cup at Navi Mumbai in May 2016.

#1. Nehaa Prakash | Bangalore


The most exciting woman Boulderer in a decade is also the most experienced one. Nehaa created Climbing history in 2009 when she won India’s first gold medal in 19 years of international participation.

She was spotted by a Girls Scouts Team in Ramanagram (near Bangalore) in 2006. She won her first Nationals at Uttarkashi in 2007. After that, there has been no looking back for this Bangalore lass as she kept on winning medals. She is trained in Tae Kwon Do and Kalarippayattu form of martial arts. When not climbing she likes to pursue other hobbies like Swimming and Kathak.

Nehaa aspires to bring in more glory at IFSC Climbing World Cup where she dreams of competing with the best of the world climbers.

#2. Sandeep Kumar Maity | Delhi


A 23-year-old hardcore boulderer from Delhi has the best exposure to International Climbing events. Sandeep is the first Indian to take part in IFSC Bouldering World Championship event in Millau, France.

He works as hard in solving the boulder problems as he does in finding a sponsor. A champion ambassador to the sport, Sandeep has paved the way for budding Indian Climbers to dream big at International level.

He comes fresh from winning a Gold Medal at National Climbing Championship 2016, Singapore. Sandeep looks ready to electrify at IFSC Climbing World Cup in Mumbai.

#3.  Ajij Shaikh | Pune


A young Pune Lad loves to conqueror technical boulders as much as his fear of heights. With an impressive climbing resume, Ajij carries the Mr. Consistent Boulderer Tag with pride.

Under that chiseled Bruce Lee like physique is a humble lad. The four-time consecutive National Climbing Champion has a calm and collected demeanor. Having represented India at World Championships in France (2012) & Asian Championships in Iran (2013), Ajij knows how to perform in the Big leagues. A lot is riding on his shoulders at IFSC Climbing World Cup this year.

#4. Kumar Gaurav | Delhi


Picture Credit: Abhishek Khan | RedBull India


Gaurav is a Self-made Climber. He operates as his own Manager, Coach, and Physiotherapist. This does not imply he avoids working with people. In 2014, he trained with Micheal, a climber from Germany in Mukteshwar. In Badami, he practices along other budding climbers.

Gaurav loves to climb on natural rocks than artificial walls. He prefers the rocky overhangs of Badami. His approach to climbing is by pursuing long sports routes entailing lead-climbing.

A gritty climber known for his perseverance and never give up attitude. In 2013, he attempted to climb Ganesha, the hardest climbing natural wall route in India. Gaurav could only manage till the second move. A year later he returned and became the second Indian to climb this brute. Two days later, he conquered an 8a+ Grade ‘Badami Killer”.

With a never say die attitude, we have our eyes on him for the upcoming IFSC Climbing World Cup 2016.

#5. Siddhi Shekhar Manerikar | Mumbai


A young and spirited climber from Mumbai is determined to make a positive impact. Siddhi benefited by having a climbing wall at school. She started climbing when she was only 13 years old.

The early start helped her in catapulting a promising future in bouldering. Having bagged a handful medals in many National events, Siddhi is aiming for the biggies. She is one of the most promising woman Boulderer for the upcoming IFSC Climbing World Cup.

We would also like to mention a few other names. C M, Shivalinga, Tuhin Satarkar, Adarsh Singh, Shanti Rani Devi. They have been leading the charge by ascending some of the toughest routes established across the country.

Picture Credits: IFSC Climbing World Cup 2016 Facebook Page | Outdoor Journal


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