Trek Tourism…Is this what we need?

What are the ethical responsibilities of a Himalayan Trek Operator that cannot be ignored? Arvind blogs about the prevailing Trek Tourism Culture in India. Read his take on how to curate the problems created by Guided Treks in the Himalayas.

Curated Experiences & Impressions!

In last two years, we have witnessed huge increase in trekking activity across the country, specially in the Himalayas! Thanks to the media, inclination of people to step out of their comfort zone and increasing number of trek operators.


Indiahikes, GIO adventure, Trek the Himalayas, Go Missing, Adventure Nation, Himalayatrekker are few of the  popular trekking companies/ agencies, operating in India.

There’s a big debate among the trekking veterans on the fallout of trek tourism. People who have been trekking for years have suddenly been forced to share the  limited resources at campsites, newbie trekkers creating noise in silent & pristine locations, trekking trails full of people, litter thrown around the trek routes & campsites and so on……

Trekking companies is a reality and is surely a way forward.There’s no harm if these companies are acting as a facilitator doing their job well. After all, they also provide jobs…

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