What is so special about the sunset view from Khaliya Top Trek

There is nothing better but to savor the 180-degree panorama view of Kumaon Mountain Ranges from Khaliya Top. But before you reach the high ground, the views from Bhujani Campsite needs a special mention.

The Bhujani Campsite (9,842 feet) is next to KMVN Tourist Lodge. It has the best views of Panchachuli ranges. It is a small trailer of grand views you are about to fathom.

From your left, the ranges of Rajrambha (21,447 feet) and Panchachuli-1 (20,850 feet) connects with the rest of the sister peaks. A perfectly chiseled looking Panchachuli-2 Peak dominates the skyline. At 22,651 feet, it is the highest peak among the five Panchachuli peaks. It has a unique glacial overhang that looks like a giant snow slide or better a frozen waterfall.

Pan towards the right of Panchachuli 2 is the series of its sister peaks. Panchachuli 3 – 4 – 5 followed with Telkot, Bainti and Nagling Peaks. Mt. Api from Nepal is also visible behind these ranges.

The Peaks look larger than life. We recommend not to miss the sunset view on the snow laden peaks as they give radiance with dashing colors of white, orange and pink.

Have a look at the Video below to comprehend this magical view.

Folklore: The Panchachuli groups name is derived from the legendary Pandavas’s “Five Chulis (cooking hearths), where they cooked their last meal before proceeding toward their heavenly abode.



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