12 most asked questions about Valley of Flowers Trek


Planning a Trek to Valley of Flowers this month? Take into consideration the carefully thought FAQs on this trek. We feature Arvind as our Guest Blogger who answers 12 most asked questions about Valley of Flowers Trek. Read more below.

Permission to feature the Blog obtained from Arvind

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In continuation of my previous post – 5 Important things to consider before undertaking Valley of Flowers Trek sometime back (read it here) I thought of answering another set of questions for wannabe visitors and trekkers to Valley of Flowers as well as Hemkund Sahib. In comparison, this post addresses a different set of questions. Here I go.

1. Best Month for Valley of Flowers Trek :

No one can say for sure, which is the best month as the blooming of flowers depends on the weather conditions even though Valley of flowers opens in June every year for visitors. Also, there is a certain time frame when each species of flower blooms. You may find certain flower species in July, which might not be present in the valley during August. Ideally July-August is the best time frame, going by how monsoon normally behaves & number of people visiting…

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