10 most asked questions about Rohtang Pass permit & restrictions

Rohtang Pass

The restrictions of travel to Rohtang Pass has affected the Local Taxi operators and Tourists alike. The National Green Tribunal enforced restrictions on vehicular movement on Rohtang Pass has caused a hue and cry. While the local Taxi and Tour operators fumed in anger, the tourists were most inconvenienced.

To improve the situation, we now have an online system of permits. Still there is confusion about how to get the vehicular permit and how it works. We try to answer the 10 most asked questions about Rohtang Pass permits and regulations. We hope this helps.

#1. What are the restrictions for vehicles travelling to Rohtang Pass and beyond?

The NGT (National Green Tribunal) has put a restriction of 800 petrol and 400 diesel vehicles to go to the Rohtang Pass for tourism purposes every day. The NGT has imposed charges of Rs 500 for all vehicles passing through the eco-sensitive Rohtang Pass area at the time of applying for a permit and a Rs 50 as congestion charges. The BRO carries out maintenance of the Rohtang road on Tuesdays. So vehicles are not permitted to go beyond Gulaba barrier on Tuesdays. There are no restrictions on the number of vehicles travelling ahead of Rohtang Pass. However, one has to obtain an undertaking certificate from SDM Office in Manali for travelling ahead of Rohtang Pass.

#2. How can we get the permit for a non-State Vehicle for visiting Rohtang Pass?

There are 2 kinds of Permits issued. First is for travel till Rohtang Pass (Tourism Purpose). The second permit is for travel beyond Rohtang Pass (Travel Purpose). The online permit is available for travel till Rohtang Pass (for now). This permit is available to tourists 3 days in advance from the date of travel. The online payment can be made through the websites at http://admis.hp.nic.in/ngtkullu, http://hpkullu.nic.in and http://himachal.gov.in

Rohtang online permit

Online Permits can only be applied from 12 noon till midnight on the website.

#3. How much time does it take to get a permit from SDM Office for travel ahead of Rohtang Pass?

The working hours of SDM Office (Manali) is between 10 am to 5 pm, except Sunday and Second Saturday of the Month. For the moment, online permits are not available for vehicles travelling ahead of Rohtang Pass. The time it takes to obtain a permit depends on the queue at SDM Office. During peak tourist season, the queue can be in hundreds. Keep at least a day in advance for the permit.

The contact number of SDM Office, Manali : 01902-254100 and 01902-254200.

#4. What documents are required to obtain a permit for travel beyond Rohtang Pass?

An undertaking is issued by SDM Office as a permit to travel beyond Rohtang Pass for Travel Purpose. You will need to show a confirmation voucher or a proof of hotel booking at one of your destinations. Online Hotel Bookings are not considered for the moment. Keep your pollution certificate, vehicle registration certificate and driving license of the driver with you. Your vehicle should not be more than 10-year-old as per from its date of registration.

The Documents need to be deposited between 10 am till 1 pm. After which the permit/undertaking will be issued between 3 pm until 5 pm. The permit needs to be applied at least 1 day prior to the date of travel.

There is no permit/undertaking fee. However, you will have to pay Rs. 50 congestion fee at Gulaba Checkpost on the day of your travel.

Panaroma view from Rohtang Pass

#5. Can I get a refund on the Permit fee if I cancel my travel?

There are no refunds. Fee once paid is nonrefundable. For refund, related queries kindly send your queries at transport-hp@nic.in

#6. What is the Permit Policy for 2 wheels, Motorbikes?

Any two-wheeled motor vehicle is not exempted from the rule. For those travelling in their bikes need to obtain an undertaking from SDM Office. The process is similar to how one obtains a permit for travel beyond Rohtang Pass. There is no fee for bike riders travelling beyond Rohtang Pass.

For Motorbikes beyond 15 years old are not issued permits.

#7. We are travelling in a rented vehicle with All India Permit. Do we need to get a permit?

Yes. A permit is mandatory for all vehicles.

#8. Till what point are the tourist vehicles allowed to ply on Manali-Rohtang Pass road?

Till 17th May 2016, tourist vehicles were allowed till Gulaba Checkpost. From 18th May 2016, tourist vehicles can drive till Marhi (16 km before Rohtang Pass). For visiting Rohtang Pass, you will have to take the private mode of transport (Himachal registered Taxi service) from Marhi.

Night view of the Valley from Rohtang Pass


#9. Are Permits required for those travelling from North of Rohtang Pass down to Manali?

No. If you are travelling from Ladakh, Lahaul, Spiti to Manali (via Rohtang Pass), you don’t need any permits. It is advisable to travel from opposite route to avoid permit issue (i.e Shimla – Spiti, Leh – Manali etc.)

Gulaba Checkpost opens gates for vehicles at 6 am every day (except Tuesdays). Vehicles coming from the other side of Rohtang Pass for Manali are allowed entry from 6 pm till 5 am.

#10. What is the current condition of restrictions for Rohtang Pass this summer?

As per latest update (1st May 2016), all diesel vehicles are banned from visiting Rohtang Pass. Only 400 Petrol vehicles are plying as Taxi service for Rohtang Pass visit. This is subject to scrutiny as per the state website, 800 petrol vehicles and 400 diesel vehicles are permitted for Rohtang Pass.

The tourists have been facing difficulties in getting permits. There have been reports of Taxi Operators over charging for Rohtang Pass Visit. We found the officials at Manali entry checkpoint were also helping tourists in getting permits without having to visit SDM Office. For a charge of Rs. 100 per tourist, one can obtain permits. However, this is an illegal procedure. We hope the administration will look at making the online Permit system work efficiently for travel to Rohtang Pass and beyond.

Did we miss anything? Write to us your query in the comment section for a quick revert.

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89 thoughts on “10 most asked questions about Rohtang Pass permit & restrictions

  1. Hello – what is the condition of the road from manali to rohtang? Is it safe for a first time driver?

    Also, I was advised by some agent that permit does not entitle to return the same day? Is that true? Also he said that if I wish to return the same day, I might have to pay a challan of 1500. Is that true?

    I did the jalori pass recently (if that can be used as a benchmark to judge the level of driving)



    1. You don’t need to pay any other challan and can return on the same very day by early evening. The road conditions keep changing. That is why BRO spends every Tuesday in mandatory repair work. If you have an non HP registered vehicle, you will only be allowed to drive till Marhi. You can drive by yourself, provided you are accustom to driving in the hills (i.e experience of how to maneuver a vehicle in steep climb in low gear and making way for traffic from other side in tight scissor bends etc). If you were able to drive to jalori, you should be ok.


  2. I will reach manali on a Sunday in a taxi with my friends. I have to cross rohtang pass the same morning and move towards leh.is it possible by any means that I get permit on a Sunday since sdm office remains closed. I am on a tight schedule and can’t afford to waste a day in manali.


    1. You need to obtain an undertaking from SDM Office at Manali townhall. Ensure you are in Manali by 2nd july to get the permit. Carry the hotel booking voucher with you. SDM office is closed on Sundays and alternate Saturday’s of the month. Read the blog for complete details of other documents needed for your travel beyond Rohtang pass.


  3. Hi,

    First of all thanks for this informative blog.
    Me and my friend are planning a bike trip to leh from delhi. We will reach manali on saturday afternoon around 2-3pm Will we get permit at that time or need to reach early morning? We want to leave for sarchu sunday morning.
    Also, the bike I have belongs to my cousin and registered on his name. Will this cause any problem in obtaining the permit?



    1. No issue with the RC of the bike in some other person name. It should not be more than 15 years old. As for permits, ensure you are not landing in Manali on second Saturday of the month as SDM office is close on those days too. If you can reach SDM office before 1 pm, you can get the permit for sure. After that depends on how many applications they have in Que. With some persuasion you should be able to get permits for a bike.


      1. SIR,
        Me and my two more friends want to visit pangong lake via manali ON OUR BIKES. We planned it from MANALI to ROHTANG PASS to KEYLONG to SARCHU to PANGONG LAKE. so as per the rule for permit, we need a hotel booked voucher at leh , but we dont have any voucher as we are not heading towards leh . so can we get a permit from manali for this plan ? and if not then what we have to do to make this plan workable ? we want to go in first week of june 2017


  4. Hello sir,
    Thanks for all the support you are giving to people
    Please help me getting this information that i am travelling to leh my maruti gypsy which is 2004 model petrol engine, but has been registeted on march 16 and the vehicle is passed till 2030, so please confirm that will i be allowed beyond manali or not.


  5. Hello,

    I am planning to go till Keylong/Jispa onmy private Xylo (not taxi). Do I need to get the permit from SDM? Or Only online permit is enough? I amplanning spend couple of days in keylong. Do I need to get the seperate permit for return trip?

    Instead of Xylo, If I travel by bike, do I need to get the online permit?

    Thanks Much in advance!


    1. Read the Blog. It has your query addressed. You need to get an undertaking from SDM for travel ahead of Rohtang. Carry all the documents as mentioned in my blog. No permit needed if you are coming down to Manali from North via Rohtang pass.


  6. Hi, We are reaching Manali on 14th August 2016 , Sunday. We will be driving on a zoom car from Delhi till leh via Manali. We would like to start early on Monday to Rohtang, but again it is 15th August. We are confused on how to get the permits for the same. Could you help us. Also please let me know if there is any issue for taking a non HP car till leh.


    1. Try speaking with a local travel agent if he can get you the permits. He may charge you a bomb. Private rental cars to Ladakh may be dicy. Although you may drive till ladakh, but travel in other parts of ladakh in zoom car will land you in trouble with local taxi union.


  7. Hi. I would be visiting Rohtang on a rented bike from Manali and i plan to return on the same day. Are permits required for 2 wheelers for a day trip to Rohtang and back? Also, if yes, then I do not see any option to book permits on the official website.Do i have to get permits issued from the SDM office for a rented 2 wheeler registered with a HP number?


    1. There is ambiguity over 2 wheel riders wanting to visit Rohtang and back to Manali. Although you don’t need to pay for permits (only environment fee at Gulaba check post) but of late they asking for permit to be obtained from SDM office for bikers as well.


  8. Hi,
    I along with my friend planning to visit to rohtang pass from Delhi this weekend on bike.
    1. Firstly, how will be the climate over for bike trip.
    2. We would be reaching Solang by Friday afternoon, can we get permit to rohtang if we book it online before itself.
    3. If bikes are not allowed or we don’t get a permit, what will be the charges for government vehicles and how is the rush now for government vehicles, should we pre-book the ticket or we can get them in advance.
    4. Lastly, can you give some tips for riding till rohtang for first time riders till rohtang but experienced.
    Thank you.


  9. Hi Himalyas Wander Team, your post is very interesting.

    I take opportunity to ask you several question as i’m planing for Manali-Leh on R.E. I’m arriving in Manali on saturday 13th August from Delhi.

    I’m planning to cross Rohtang Pass on monday 15th August, but saturday 13th august, being second saturday of the month, SDM office will be closed. could you advice if an agent could do PERMIT request for me on Friday 12th august (if i’m sending all necessary documents to him)?

    Also, as i’m planning to do this trip with my own bike. do you know a good way to send my bike from Delhi to Manali (or Kullu)? (i will reach Kullu by flight).

    thanks for your advises..



    1. Hi Kev. You can try with a local agent in Manali to get the permits done! Although this is not the legal way but under the circumstances your only choice. It is going to be a mad rush for permits on 12th August (due to weekend and I.Day) so I suggest speak with your agent. As for transporting R.E to Manali, I will get back if I find any intel. Cheers.


    2. Hi Kev… I jus saw your write up in the blog… even im planning for leh…. I will leave from delhi to chandigarh on 12th noon… If u interested… lets discuss the plan… Iam driving solo… nd plan to camp…Im at 7834852816


  10. Im planing to go to manali in august can you suggest me on the weather we are going for a honeymoon and also will i find snow in rohtang


  11. Me and my friend are planning a trip to Rohtang pass.Till Rohtang pass only.We are planning to travel by our royal enfield model 2013. Is there gonna be any problem other then having permit from SDM office?? Any specific driving test is to be given to have that permit? Waiting for your reply. Thanku


    1. Hi Praphul. You will have to visit SDM office and obtain a permit. You will have to show some proof of your nature/reason of the visit, i.e. Hotel booking voucher at Leh/Sarchu will do. The details of what you need to show is mentioned in the blog. Unless, you are a local with a registered vehicle in Lahaul district of H.P, you would have to obtain a permit.


  12. We are reaching manali on Sunday 21 Aug.we are going to let in our SUV 500 .will SDM office will give us permit on Monday & can we proceed to let on Monday itself or Tuesday but I heard that on Tuesday road to let via rohtang is closed.
    So kindly suggest the options.


    1. Hi Vikram, Before I answer your question, are you planning to travel beyond Rohtang Pass or a visit to the pass and back? You should not have a problem if you are travelling beyond Rohtang Pass! The rule generally applies for Rohtang Pass vehicles on Tuesday. But I will suggest you should call SDM Office in Manali to confirm.


      1. If I have new bike with temprery no, regestrtion receipt can apply for Rohtang permit. Bike registration on progress. I have no regestrtion card. I have only receipt of applying regestrtion


  13. Thank you such a informative blog. One question. With regards to permits for going beyond Rohtang in your own car, I do not have any hotel booking at Leh or Sarchu as we are mostly going to camp and look for budget accommodation once we reach there. Can you suggest what can be done in such situations.


  14. Big issue please help..

    We will be reaching Manali on ,8/10/2016..we are going to Leh by duster…and need to get permit…now unfortunately 8/10 is Second Saturday?

    I read somewhere that they give permit even on Sunday…true???

    Now if office is closed what can be done?can u suggest any local agent who can help?


  15. Hello Sir…. we are travelling to Manali ( from shimla) as tourist and returning bAck to Chandigarh .. there is a rohtang pass visit as a part of the itinerary… do we need permit for the same… if Yes, are permits given 9n tuesdays for Wednesday visit.. Please assist


    1. Permits are mandatory for people driving their vehicles for Rohtang Pass visit. You can get the permit online. Please read the Blog for the procedure and details. Alternatively, you can get the permit a day before you plan to visit Rohtang as well. If you are going through a Tour Operator, he can also help you. Although the procedure is transparent and you can get permit online.


  16. Is bike permit valid for only one day or can we postpone for few days? Also how is weather in leh next week? I have heard its raining heavily and is not safe .


    1. Permits are valid for the day they are issued. The authorities need to keep a tab on the number of vehicles. In any case, Bikers moving ahead of Leh do not have to pay a permit fee (only pollution fee at Gulaba Checkpost). However, you will have to report an update of your travelling dates at SDM Office. I suggest you should call SDM Office in Manali and clarify the matter. The number is mentioned in the Blog. As for the weather conditions, it will remain rainy this entire week. You may take a call by observing the conditions. Some riders relish obstacles like these. I leave it to your own preference and judgement.


  17. Hi Himalayan Wanderer..!!!

    I am planning a bike trip to Leh on sep 19th. I will go by a rented bike from Delhi. Kindly answer my following doubts;
    1. Do i need any extra document if I am traveling by rented bike for Rohtang permit apart from documents listed in your blog?
    2. Regarding hotel booking, How can I produce any booking voucher if I am booking hotels online as you have mentioned that online vouchers are not acceptable?
    3.Do you know the contact details of any agent for getting permit?


    1. For Bikers an undertaking is required from SDM Office. You can show proof of the bike rental ( i.e in case you have rented a bike from a Bike rental service). Generally it is not a fussy affair for bikers, but the protocol needs to be followed. I suggest you should call SDM Office directly during their working hours to clarify. This is a better solution than contacting an agent who are known to charge a bomb, sometimes mislead. The number of SDM Office is mentioned in the Blog.


  18. hi

    thanks for info on the blog,

    we are reaching manali on saturday morning (2nd saterday) and want to go to rothang pass on sunday. if i apply for permit online will it be sufficient?

    or i cannaot go?


  19. hi
    we are planning to visit manali in starting october by road in tampo traveller(12 seater). So….can we visit rohtang pass by that only or we have to hire the another vehicle. Thanks


  20. Hi sir i am planning to travel to rohtang pass on 10 or 11 Sept 2016 in Chevrolet sail sedan car which is disel . Only online permit is sufficient or should i do amything else? Pls guide me sir


  21. Hello sir,
    We are planning to leh vai shimla, kaza,leh. I want to confirmed about the permit required or not. We are avoid the rohtang pass and going through kaza gramphoo leh.



    1. Hi, you do not need any permits if you are coming from Kaza. Coming to Manali via Rohtang from the other side that is Lahaul, Spiti, Ladakh etc requires no permits. In your case, you are not passing via Rohtang so no worries.


  22. Can anybody you me ki can I get the permission for Leh-Ladakh from manali on learning License (validity till feb) ??Few are telling, you will get the permission and few are not.. I m bit confused ..Please reply ASAP
    I am right now staying at Manali… Traveling from Delhi


  23. Hi, I am planing Manali visit with my family start 11Oct16, drive from Delhi to Swargghat (Stay) to Kullu (Stay) then Manali (2 N stay), having Wagnar 2010 Model,
    I had drive from delhi to Mclodganj and Naddi last year.
    1. Can I self drive till Manali .
    2. Can i drive till Marhi, is parking place available in Marhi
    3. Suggest authorized Licence company /Person for Paragliding and river rafting sport


    1. Hi Ashish, You can drive to Manali. You can drive till Marhi and park your vehicle. Sometimes, travel operators will tell you to take a hired cab from Manali to avoid inconvenience. Best to visit SDM Office in Manali Mall and get the updated info. As for Outdoor sports operators, I suggest it is better to scout for one on the spot. You will get better rates and discounts.


      1. Thanks, I had taken online permit by depositing 550/-,Permit Copy checked and Stamped at Gulaba Check post, Now car allowed till Rohtang Pass.
        Today return back . Thanks for your information.


  24. Hello , thank you for the post, we are going to hire local taxi from manali to visit rohtang pass, do we need to issue permit ? And we will be visiting manali in 1st week of november, will rohtang pass remain open till then?


  25. hello there….i am from himachal…i have my personal vehicle registered with HP number….do i need to get permit to visit rohtang pass?


  26. Me & my husband are planning to visit Rohtang pass in the last week of May, 2017. Will pass be open during that time?
    We are planning to have a bike ride from Manali to Rohtang pass. Can you tell us what will be approximate travel time and will be safe for us to travel as a couple??
    Till what point can we take the bike (we will be renting bike from Manali) and can we do online booking or need to personally visit SDM office. And if online application can be made, how many days at the most in advance can we apply?


    1. Rohtang Pass should be open and should be safe for you both to travel on your own. Again, do check of the status when the roads are opened by BRO for Rohtang for this year, as this is totally based on the prevailing conditions. If you are planning to travel till Rohtang Pass and return back then you may have to stop over at Marhi. If you are renting a bike from Manali then your permits can be arranged by the person from whom you rent the bike.


  27. Hey, I am planning a trip to Ladakh with my friends, as we are residents of Mandi (h.p), But we are renting a self-drive car from ZOOMCARS.com we will be taking the car from Chandigarh, What permits do we need and do I have to apply 3 days before online, Really confused about the procedure…


  28. hey
    we are planning a trip to manali around the last week of may.
    will there be snow at that time?
    Which places might have snow other than rohtang pass?


  29. We are going to visit Manali , Shimla from 15th June to 19th June. We are 2 people with one child.

    What do you think 3 days are enough to visit manali, rohtang pass ( for snow ) and nearby sites ?
    Can you suggest one room to stay in Manali and Shimla up to Rs1000 perday? or any other options then Hotels?
    Is Vehicle Number and vehicle details required to apply online for Rohtang Pass ? Can i apply for vehicle pass from Jaipur, without confirming vehicle detail. Because i will buy vehicle from Manali on rent.

    Please suggest


    1. Gaurav you can get the permit from SDM Office Manali. If you are renting a vehicle, ask the person from whom you are hiring to arrange your permit. You can do this route in 3 days of stay in Manali. Just don’t go to Rohtang the next day of arriving in Manali. You need to acclitimize your body.


  30. Hi Vaibhav, thank you for this and many other informative posts. I will be visiting Kaza for Pin Parvati pass trek later in Jul 2017. I will most probably take a bus/ shared taxi to kaza from Manali. Will i need to take any kind of permit to cross rohtang? Also would really appreciate some help getting any contacts for rooms, bike in Kaza or any other tips. Look forward to your reply. cheers!


    1. You don’t need permits for a hired or shared taxi. You can contact Karan Bir who is owner of Deyzor hotel in Kaza. He also takes care of adventure activities and rental. Mobile 9530570649 and 9418402660. Hope this helps.


  31. hello,
    we are planning a trip to leh via manali on 4th of june.
    is online booking voucher for hotel in leh valid for getting permit?
    and we are taking a self drving taxi car so is it okay to travel in that car till leh?


      1. sir please help me i want to know if we issue online permit for rohtang pass for tourist purpouse so it is available easily online ur not bcoz some travlers said me that it is not easily get permit online


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