Chasing Shiva: The connection with Peripheral God & Himalayas

Post card submission - Vaibhav Chauhan-01Coming from a Hindu family, I grew up listening to stories of the mighty Shiva, the God from Mt. Kailas in the Himalayan mountains, who was the destroyer of all suffering. He was a God who, when outraged, would open up his ‘third eye’ and cause devastation to the entire Universe. This was enough to capture my imagination. It was not hard to see him in the mountains and be lured to the ‘fairytale’ and the mysticism behind it.

Since then everything Himalayan seemed bustling with Shiva’s presence. In all my travels in the Himalayas, I had my own questions. Who is Shiva? Why is he so important? What is Shiva all about? Is he really sitting in the Himalayas? And so I began my search into the essence behind this elusive and, quite frankly, terrifying being!

Who is Shiva?

I have come to believe that Shiva is not so much of a ‘God in the mountains’ but more so an analogy, representing various spiritual thoughts. Some believe he exists in physical form. For me, he is a role model for an energetic state of spiritual inertia and self-awareness that directs you to correct the anomalies of life. That is how to live a fulfilled, peaceful life and how to uncover your true, unadulterated nature.

Shiva and Himalayas


Shiva is deeply associated with the Indian Himalayas, so when you will be traveling in this region you will be aware that you are wandering in Shiva’s domain, Shiva’s castle and home. Why Shiva chose the Himalayas? This is the place where he comes to relax but not in the sense of “I had a busy day and need to unwind”. He in is a true ascetic and who has no interest in socializing and mingling with other gods. All he wanted was to stay as far as he could from the civilization.

The Himalayan mountains are the only place for Shiva where he can meditate without being disturbed by human needs and desires. It is the place where he rejects those humanly things and focuses on higher goals. Isn’t this true how the Himalayas make us feel when we visit them?

Chasing Shiva

Chasing Shiva is not about chasing a mythical God. It is chasing that minimalist lifestyle that takes you away from the absurdities of life and reaches the inner you. So the next time you are in the Himalayas, give that a thought and absorb these raw, undulated energies. Consider them a blessing from Shiva!


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