Vision of Mount Satopanth and the Forbidden Pool

Visions of Mt. Satopanth and the forbidden Pool so visceral in my consciousness of its credulity that conspires this juxtaposition of visual subterfuge that I present to you here, in all earnestness that you would roll with my musing and allow your imagination to fly high; to the sacred grounds that connect the high Himalayan passege-way of Gangotri to Badrinath. This is no place for mortals, where Sages come to meditate amidst cosmic visions we can only dream of attaining.

The magic ensued

I remember camping close to a small glacial lake in the vicinity of Gangotri Glacier with a presence of some diabolical disposition that tests you in every brutal way possible. The fiery headwinds rocked our sleeping tents in a brute display of The God’s fury. “We are not welcome here” was my initial thought. There was no way I was getting any sleep tonight.

So I head out of the dodgy surety of my man-cave to face the elements. It was pitch dark. Only a 23,212 ft high Mt. Satopanth glistened in the nightlight. I walked tediously towards the glacial pool which was barely visible.

Turning the LIGHT ON!

Turning the lights ON!

Holding on to my hot thermos I took solace of this warmth hoping for an inspiration. The reality was disappointing. The pool slept silently. I begged for a miracle, to see the pool come alive, like the Forbidden Pool of Henneth Anun from Tolkien’s Middle earth. I dreamt of seeing it’s white waters pour into a foaming emerald bowl, and then swirl darkly about a deep oval basin in the rocks. I would take my chances for this rare glimpse, to navigate through it’s icy waters, that flowed away, fuming and chattering, into calmer and more level reaches. Only If I have a switch to turn it’s proverbial lights, I be a satisfied man.

Why was this “The Forbidden Pool”

There was something in the air, a heightened sense of feeling we were not welcomed here. The night was like a harrowing dream, straight out of ‘Paradise Lost’. There was no comfort, even at the banks of this glacial lake which looked so heavenly in the daylight, reeked of some kind of treachery incomprehensible in the nightfall. It was in this bizarre ambiance I visualised ‘The Forbidden Pool’ from ‘Lord of the Rings’ epic saga. That entering the pool meant a certain death. Not wanting to find out it’s freezing depths and yet a strong desire to plunge into the abyss lingered on. I kept searching for the colours in this monochrome setting, and then something in me lit up. It was alive and shimmering emerald green.

Vision through my Home Window

Taking the Poison and giving out Daisies

Back to the real world, I sit comfortably at my desk, processing that vision for you all to see. Like ‘Neelkanth’ I take the poison and hand out Daises. In three stages (of picture images) you will see how I turned the lights on. And ultimately got this vision home to my humble window. Which one did you like the most? Do tell in the comment section.

Few words about this Trek

Hyped as the baddest trek in Indian Himalayas, Kalindikhal trek is not for the faint hearted. It has garnered a mean reputation due to its remoteness, unpredictability and mental and physical toughness it demands. Not to forget it has its list of casualties making it a risky trek.

With all that in mind, it is visually the most striking one. Navigating your way through a maze of endless icefield and moraine as the colossal peaks of Garhwal corner you from any given angle is intimidatingly a pleasing sight. There is beauty in this feeling of uncertainty. It is at this moment you evaluate your reasons for doing this. The pain and tribulations that comes with the effort you put in for what? It’s a mental struggle you wage in every day.

Back in these high grounds there is no option of quiting. You got to put it all together and come out of it. Regardless of anything, once you do this you are never the same again. And that is why my friend we do it 🙂

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