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About WTH

Wander the Himalayas Logo
“Wander the Himalayas” is my independent initiative to bring information to people related to the multi-faceted outdoor pursuits in the Himalayas.
My mantra is to empower people to explore the Himalayas by any means possible. WTH mission is to help people find coherent information and tools that help them to pursue an outdoor Himalayan Dream.
To begin with, the immediate goal is to provide quality content in the form of well-researched articles, essays, reviews, insights. Due consideration will be given on concise content that does not ramble on for pages.
Trekking, Hitchhiking, Mountain Cycling, Motorbiking and Sustainable Tourism will be the pivotal outdoor topics to this Himalayan pursuit.
If you are a Trekker, Mountain-Cyclist, MotorBiker, Hitchhiker (on a shoestring budget) or someone looking for that push into the Himalayan wilderness, do subscribe to the blog posts.
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