The scariest thing at Valley of Flowers Trek

A nonchalant looking rivulet moving down the Valley of Flowers is a raging force of nature. After it moves out of the flower-laden valley, it slingshots into a Grade 6 Rapid. Looking here at the sheer vertical drop of this river, it is definitely not to be messed with.

About Pushpawati River

The Pushpawati River originates from the glacial feeds of East Kamet Glacier (Tipra Bamak). It runs through the Famous Valley of Flowers and passes by Ghangaria. From there it drops down towards the Bhyundar Valley and assimilates into Bhyundar-Ganga River. The sight of the raging river dropping down is nerve racking. The brutal flurry of its descending rapids is an ear deafening experience.

Watch the video below to see it yourself.


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