Why a product recall of a hiking boot is a good call by Decathlon

quechua 500 high shoeDecathlon India has come out in open and acknowledged a manufacturing defect in one of their Hiking boots. As per the Product Recall post on their website and stores, ‘Forclaz 500 High‘ hiking boot owner is entitled to a full refund if the defect is detected. We investigate further on the matter.

In March 2015, ‘Quechua’, a hiking division of ‘Decathlon’ introduced, ‘Forclaz 500 High’ hiking boots to the Indian customers. The new model came with new upgrades to its predecessor model. The shoe was designed for trekkers with wide feet. It also came with a new sole for a solid grip. With a new design and choice of colors, it appeared to be a winner.

What is the defect?

Decathlon has stated that in some circumstances the defected boot may cause a trekker to fall. This could occur due to the hook of one boot getting caught on an insert of another boot.

How to identify your boot has the defect?

Look for the presence of a seam on the synthetic insert. If you do not see the seam then your boots need to be recalled. The following illustrated image will explain this better.

quechua forclaz 500 high 2

How was the defect reported?

A few of the customers returned their Forclaz 500 High boots with a torn synthetic insert. They complained of narrowly missing a fall while trekking. A fall in a high altitude trek can be fatal.

Our Impressions

We checked a sample Forclaz 500 High boot in a Decathlon Store in Delhi/NCR. We saw the synthetic insert system and the seam. This type of design assembly is seen for the first time in Quechua hiking boots. A torn synthetic insert can cause a serious fall if a shoe hook locks with it.

We have experienced similar fall scenarios with other branded Hiking boots as well. In our experience, a trekker can get one of his boots hook locked with the lacing of another boot. This can occur if the trekker has laced his boots haphazardly or in haste. This causes the hook to get entangled with the loose lacing of the other boot when trekking on a narrow trail. A trekking pole helped to mitigate a serious fall in such scenario.

Final Thoughts

A Product Recall is never an easy call for any Company. Decathlon is known for its rigorous product testing. They have been credited in getting quality, value for money products for trekkers in India.

It is heartening to see that they are taking such matters seriously. Such engagements are good news for customers who buy their products. We hope Decathlon continues to improvise and put the safety of their customers as the top priority.

Read Decathlon Product Recall Post and FAQ’s

All pictures and visual illustrations are copyright to Decathlon India*


2 thoughts on “Why a product recall of a hiking boot is a good call by Decathlon

  1. Although my Old design forclaz 500 shoe didn’t have this problem, but I reported another issue in my shoe, Decathlon replaced the product without any further questions asked. great service!!

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