How to find best books on the Himalayas to read


Good books on the Himalayas are hard to find. Books pertaining to the Himalayan inquisition are either not in circulation or come with a hefty price tag. You will be lucky to spot an old edition in second-hand book stalls in dodgy streets of Nai Sadak, Delhi or the books hub at Boi Para in Kolkata. The chances of finding books written by adorned Himalayan writers is slim.

Luckily The Himalayan Club Library in Mumbai comes to the rescue.

The Himalayan Club Library in Mumbai is a home to more than a 1000 books.
Along with handwritten manuscripts and many magazines, it is a major storehouse of knowledge. It is continually up dated with new books. A large number of books are donated from late Soli Mehta’s collection.


You can find many first edition books of early exploration in the Himalaya, Karakorum, Hindu Kush, Alps, and others.

It is also a treasure house of Maps, Himalayan Club Journals from 1928 onwards, Alpine Club Journals, etc.

Some of the authors whose books adorn a pride of place on our shelves are: Riccardo Cassin, Frank S. Smythe, Walt Unsworth, H.W Tilman, Eric Shipton, A.L Mumm, Robert Bates, Mohan Singh Kohli, Stephen Alter, Geoffrey Winthrop Young, Thomas Hornbein, Herman Buhl, W.H.Murray, Norman Neruda, James Ramsey Ullman, Heinrich Harrer, Reinhold Messner, Sir Chris Bonnington, Kurt Diemberger, Jon Krakauer, Jim Curran, Sir Edmund Hillary, Mick Conefrey, David Breashears, Mick Fowler, John Harlin, Bernadette McDonald, Jim Perrin and a host of others.

How to access the Himalayan Club Library resources?

To encourage access to these books, The Himalayan Club as part of its 90th-year celebration will photocopy, bind and courier them at a cost to those who are interested. Keep in mind, only books older than 50 years, selected and without copyright issues will be allowed.

Those interested may write an email to with the name of the book they are interested in.

People are welcome to visit The Himalayan Club newly renovated office at 314, Turf Chambers, 3rd. floor, Shakti Mills Lane, Off Dr. E. Moses Road, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai to have a look.

The Office Hours are  11 am to 6 pm on Mon-Fri / 11 pm to 4 pm on Saturday. Sunday closed.

Do call at (022) 24912829 and confirm before visiting

Read a review of Himalayan Club Library by W.M. Aitken here

Picture Credits and information – Rohit Bhat All permissions obtained.


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