5 Important things to consider before undertaking Valley Of Flowers Trek


Planning a Trek to Valley of Flowers this Summer? Take into consideration 5 essential pointers to help you plan this trek better. We feature Arvind as our Guest Blogger who will help you in planning Valley of Flowers Trek in a better way. Read more below.

Lead Picture Credit : Pradeep Chauhan | Permission to feature the Blog obtained from Arvind

Curated Experiences & Impressions!

Valley of Flowers, seems to have become the most sought after trek  in India over the last few years. I first heard about this trek in 2007. Being a nature lover, it captured my mind space and became a must visit place for me. After “last-minute” cancellations both in 2009 and 2010, I was not sure if I would ever make it to Valley of Flowers. But then my luck took a U-turn & I made it to Valley of Flowers in 2012. Despite many “if’s and but’s” like fitness of the road, accommodation, weather etc all went well. Looking back, I’m sure there are many more like me anxious to seek information and prepare fully before embarking on a Valley of Flowers trek.  So here is a small primer.

5 things to prepare for Valley of Flower.

1. Weather Conditions for Valley of Flowers trek

5-things-to-remember-valley-of-flowers-trek-badrinath-highway-rishikesh Rains on way to…

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