Beas Kund : A breathtaking trek to the awe-inspiring origin of River Beas


Beas Kund has long remained the favourite camping spot for Backpackers and Mountaineers in the Kullu Valley. With close proximity to Manali, one can wrap this trek in two days. The meadows of Dhundi & Bakarthach is like an Elysian fairyland that takes you to the origin of River Beas. It is right there in top short treks around Manali for independent backpackers and amateur trekkers.

We feature Soumitra Mitra as our Guest Blogger who shares his recent experience of trekking to Beas Kund

Permission to feature the Blog obtained from Soumitra

wandering wonders...

the Utopian fairy-land of Bhakar Thatch the Utopian fairy-land of Bhakar Thatch

Its been quite a few days since we came back from this trek (I did not put any adjective for this trek as I am sure none would convey what I am feeling) and ever since I have been thinking what exactly can I write about this trek. While in a trek, I have felt speechless before, but not this hopelessly, I have felt exhausted before, but not this painstakingly, I have loved reaching the summits, but not this purely, I have cried after witnessing great beauties, but not this joyfully!

Well, yes, that was Beas Kund trek for me in a nut-shell. I am still in a trance of whatever we went through during the three days of pure magic. And it is frustrating that there are so much to say, rather so much I want to say, but the best I can…

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