6 ways to avoid Altitude Sickness on Treks


People who get into doing a trek without planning the acclimatization aspect are susceptible to AMS more often. This is unerring for those who head straight to treks from far distances without considering a few basic things.

We list 6 ways you can ensure getting into a trek without taking prescription drugs like Diamox.

1. Ensure you are taking an uninterrupted seven-hour sleep a week before you head into a trek. Many people get into trekking with a lot of work stress and sleep deprivation. Slow down, give your body the rest it needs before getting to the mountains.

2. Keeping one day as a buffer for acclimatization at the base camp should be mandatory. Most trekkers get trekking without giving a day for acclimatizing. This can be dangerous. Spend the day doing short and easy orientation hikes around the place. This will ensure your body get’s acclimatized naturally. Guided Trekking Companies should make this mandatory part of their itinerary.

3. Eat light and healthy food. Avoid fried and spicy food. Stay away from Alcohol and aerated drinks. Your chances of avoiding dehydration and “bad tummy” like situations will gradually disappear.

4. Get a proper preventive medical checkup. It is wise to visit your friendly doctor, twice. The first visit should be at least 15 days before your trek. This will give you time to know your health condition and take corrective measures as per prescription. Your second visit to the Doctor should be a couple of days before you leave for the trek.

If you have a medical condition that puts you at risk, do not come to the mountains to trek. You are doing a huge favor to yourself and your loved ones.

5. Own up to your medical conditions and how you feel on the trek. Many trekkers resist disclosing their symptoms and consider it as a sign of weakness. It is wise to discuss any health related symptoms or illness with your trek mates or Trek in charge.

6. You don’t need to take a dose of Diamox as a preventive drug before heading for a trek. There are many other alternatives one can try instead. We recommend trying garlic capsules, Coca leaves, and Beet Juice. Read more about it on the following blog.

Read more about 5 alternatives to Diamox in dealing with AMS here


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